Writer's Block: You’ve Got Mail!
Probably about once a day for each email account I have...I get so much spam sometimes I dread opening it

Writer's Block: Happy New Year!
To lose weight and not be so judgemental. I wamt to do things for other people. I need to start helping out those around me who are less fortunate than I am.

Writer's Block: BFF
How long have you had your best friend?

Writer's Block: Killer Queen

Writer's Block: It’s just a game…
Do you pick truth or dare? Tell us why?
Almost always I pick truth....because sometimes the dares can have worse consequences than the truth does. Especially when you're playing with my friends!

Writer's Block: Sweet tooth
What is your favorite candy or dessert?

Hanson fan and proud of it!

Alright. I’m almost coming to the part in my life where I feel I can stop
caring about what others think of me. I get so much crap for being a Hanson fan,
but I have no shame. They’ve helped me out through a lot of shit in my life.
Their music was the first music I was ever introduced to. They may not be the
most known band, or they might be the band that’s known most for a little song
called “Mmmbop”, but they’ve come such a long way throughout the years. So, next
time, when someone says something to me about how much Hanson sucks, or makes
fun of me for being a fan, I’m not going to care. I’ll defend them, but I can’t
take it personally anymore.

I’m not seriously bullied or anything like that, but constant comments about
how terrible my favorite band is can get extremely frustrating. I can be a fan
of whoever I want.

I’m sure I’m not the only Hanson fan who feels this way, but I wanted to say


Writer's Block: It’s Women’s Equality Day!
We women are generally seen as equals, in my opinion, but there are definitely little things that should be changed. Nothing quite worth arguing over, but why do men still think that it's OK to have "their women" cook and clean after them? A lot of guys probably aren't like this, but I personally know some that are. Some men are still so chauvinistic it's dispicable.

Writer's Block: All by myself
Do you think women are treated as equals? What changes would you like to see?
I love to watch movies all by myself. I can get wrapped up in the plot, without having to worry about any other audience around me.
Also, reading and looking on tumblr. My computer is in the living room, and I'm only sixteen so I live with my parents, and I hate if the ask what I'm doing. That may sound childish,  but that's what I love to do alone! (:

Wow, haven't logged in here in months
I'm just starting to write lately, (or more than I used to), and I think Livejournal is going to be a great place to start.
I want to find some Hanson communities, and other things. I'm still getting the hang of this site.
If anyone has any journals they recommend (if you even do that on here) feel free to let me know.



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